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Contributor Portal


PantherMedia - Community Rules

In the interests of all members and according to the Terms and Conditions of Use of this site, we ask you to follow the rules regarding uploads and entries of any kind (e.g. postings/comments). Please be aware that we may block parts of or the complete account of anyone who breaks these rules. We also reserve the right to cancel the account following a violation of these rules.

General advice:
Please do not forget that you are not communicating with the computer, but with other human beings. Please be polite and treat other users with respect. Please use a reasonable tone, and show tolerance and understanding to all other users.


Postings, comments, and all other content that appears in public areas of the site


  1. Any information about customers (e.g. the customer's name, company name, website, etc.) This is restricted by German law.
  2. Any insulting content of any kind (at, we are very strict in our interpretation of insulting content)
  3. Discriminating or personally insulting other users by name (or by their images),PantherMedia, or its partners and affiliates.
  4. Defaming, speculative, and/or slanderous comments about other members, about PantherMedia, or about its partners and affiliates.
  5. Publicly requesting to delete images, comments or photographer'a accounts.
  6. Quoted text from private e-mails or instant messages from other members, from PantherMedia, or from its partners and affiliates (this also is a criminal offence)
  7. Advertising for a competitor's internet site (this includes other stock agencies and/or photocommunities).
  8. Political content or advertising for a political party.
  9. Any postings that violate our Terms and Conditions of Use, e.g. racist, pornographic or defamatory content.

Our goal is to offer our photographers the greatest possible creative and artistic environment. On our site, people do not only enjoy the freedom of opinion, they also enjoy freedom of artistic or social expression, which also includes the freedom to present socially critical images (e.g. accidents, violence, crime, etc.). As long as postings do not violate the legal regulations of the site (e.g. forced sexual acts, criminal offences),these uploads are allowed.

In our interpretation, freedom of opinion means that an artist has the freedom to present a subject in such a way that may be critical, but takes place within legal and rhetorically acceptable limits. When critizing others' work, it is important to choose an appropriate manner of expression. Inappropriate comments are ones such as "that image is crap, sh*t", etc., or "that image does not belong here", "you should find another hobby", "don't quit your day job", etc.


Private messages - instant messages and e-mails to other users


  • Spam: this includes especially
    • All messages that the user does not wish to receive, or that this can be assumed
    • Promotion of one's own images, or requests for comments on these images
  • Insulting content of any kind
  • Promotion for a competitor's website.
  • Any posting or content that violates our Terms and Conditions of Use, such as racist, pornographic or defamatory content.

How to notify us in the case of a violation of these rules

GENERAL RULE: Never post violations of these rules in the forum. We will delete such postings immediately!

  1. Violation of Rules button 
    If you read comments that are unreasonable, insulting, or that violate our rules for some other reason, you can notify us by clicking on the "violation or rules" button. This button is placed next to an image or on the right hand side of a comment.
  2. Message to PantherMedia
    If you would like to inform us about other illegal activities of other users, please contact us directly. Please describe the matter in as much detail as possible (e.g. with copies of the comments).